El Gaucho Store is a South American market where you can find all those great flavours and different products that represent a unique culture.

We are proud to bring the authentic culture of South America to the rest of the world. We have a large selection of products: ‘yerba’, tea, ‘alfajores’, ‘dulce de leche’, traditional candies, chocolates, cookies, snacks, ‘salamines’, soccer jerseys and a large selection of “mates”.

Our long experience and trajectory in the market means that we can provide you with a quality and reliable service, ensuring the supply of products.

Would you like to buy a South American product that is not in our market? Write to us and we will send it to your door.

We offer free shipping from only 50 USD (see options according to each country)

Data protection: We take care of your data; we protect your money and you can monitor your shipment.